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Interknight is a game about delivering a packet to a place across the world. You play as a mini robot knight and have to dodge obstacles and fight bosses.


  • Arrow keys or A and D to move left and right
  • W, Space, or Up Arrow to Jump
  • Shift, S, or Down Arrow to crouch


  • You can kill crabs and protect yourself from damage while you're crouched. Things will just bounce right off your hard hat, and you won't get hit!
  • Crouch and jump to hit boss' projectiles back at them!
  • Crouching makes you jump higher, use this information wisely and combine it with uncrouching for some especially large jumps!

OST LINK (All music made by Spyral, or Cal_Port on SoudCloud):


Install instructions

  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Extract anywhere
  3. Run Interknight.exe
  4. Have fun! :)


Interknight Jam-Edition (ZIP) 95 MB

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